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3 Important Benefits That Sex and Yoga Have In Common

It’s true. Yoga makes you better in bed.

While it is also true that there are several yoga poses that double as sex positions, yoga isn’t just about gaining flexibility for better sex (although this is a perk)!

There are many benefits of having sex and doing yoga. And if you’re not able to do both on a regular basis, doing at least one of them is a great way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

As if you needed more motivation to do either of these activities, read on to learn a few key mental benefits that sex and yoga share.

Here Are 3 Mental Benefits That Yoga and Sex Share:

1. Both Improve Self-Esteem

Practicing yoga helps us feel better – and more in tune – both mind and body. By clearing our minds, focusing on the good things, and learning to let go of the things that don’t serve us, we are leaving room for positive energy. We create an all-around feeling of happiness and self-love.

Also, when we practice yoga, we learn to love our bodies just the way they are. Together, a healthier body image and mental clarity improve our self-esteem, making us more comfortable in our own skins, helping us be more comfortable exploring aspects of our sexuality.

2. Both Reduce Stress

We all know that gettin’ busy reduces stress by releasing endorphins that make us happy and relaxed. We also know that practicing yoga does the same thing. But we often rely on the former to reduce stress, not the latter.

What if I told you it might actually be better to practice yoga BEFORE your romp?

When we use sex to reduce stress the act becomes about the stress, not the sex. “I’m stressed right now but having sex will help me reduce this stress. Let’s get this done and over with so I can feel better.”

When we practice yoga before our romp, we are more relaxed (and more limber). Practicing yoga beforehand also increases our oxygen levels, improves circulation, and increases sexual energy.

All of this helps us focus on the moment, increasing our sex drive and making those moments of pleasure more intense.

3. Both Increase Your Sexual Prowess

Hip-opener poses such as Pigeon, Happy Baby, and Malasana help to improve flexibility, heighten sensitivity, and relieve tension in the lower body.

This helps increase circulation, give the body fresh oxygen, and increase blood flow to the pelvic area – all of which lead to a more intense arousal and a better romp in the sack!

The overall mental benefit that comes with a steady yoga practice and consistent sex life both work to boost your confidence (see #1) and sexual prowess.

Yoga and Sex – The Perfect Union

It is clear that sex and yoga have a strong connection. Increasing self-esteem, reducing stress, and boosting sexual prowess are surefire ways to develop – and celebrate – your sexual energy.

Not to mention the benefits on your overall wellbeing including the release of “happy endorphins” in your brain, as well as reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.