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Get Ready For Your Vagina’s New Best Friend

Wandering what are Ben Waa balls. Here is the answer for you. Ben Waa balls are those little balls connected to a thread that is introduced into the vagina or more rarely into the anus to awaken new sensations. It is a millennial sex toy from the East where the pleasures of the body have been proven, so let’s take some seed, it can help us and then make better love!

From precious stones balls to sex- shop balls, Ben Waa balls are always successful. They take their name from Ben Waa, ??Japanese courtesans who would have used these balls at the request of their warrior lovers to get an orgasm as soon as possible to their return from war. Indeed, the placement of these balls in the vagina can get a certain degree of excitement even before the arrival of your lover and effectively lubricate the vagina to prepare the way for another penetration.

The first Ben Waa balls were made of semi-precious stone, often jade, and their use was kept secret and taught only to the Royal Chinese Court. Those who mastered this technique remained beautiful and young and even in old age, their genitals remained as firm and vigorous as those of a young virgin!

Today, Ben Waa balls that you can find are certainly made of less noble materials, but are still as effective! Plastic, latex or metal, smooth or with pins, vibrant or simple and in a wide range of colors, you can find your happiness on the internet or sex shop for a small fee of about 10 to 30 dollars.

Ben Waa balls are composed of one to four balls of 3 to 5 cm in diameter, connected by a metal or latex cord, which allows them to be easily removed as a tampon is removed. Each ball contains inside a smaller metal ball that will hit the walls of the ball during your movements. It is the vibrations produced then which will be source of pleasure.

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How to use Ben Waa balls?

The balls of Ben Waa are one of the only sexual objects that can be worn in all circumstances (in transport, in progress, at work ). By wearing them during your daily activities, the movements of your body will produce pleasant vibrations in your vagina by moving the balls slightly. This will allow you for example to be well lubricated before a report. But you will also feel the excitement of taking pleasure in places and incongruous in public – all of course being able to hide his emotions when you find yourself enjoying in front of his colleagues office!

Ben Waa balls can therefore be used alone – moreover, men who are too jealous of these girls can also try to introduce them into the anus . But they can also give rise to sexual games as a couple. We can for example remove the Ben Waa balls from his partner, which by the vibration of the balls can already give him some pleasure … We can also introduce him before a report to excite and lubricate her vagina to the maximum, while performing sexual games or massages while waiting to penetrate. The manufacturers of sex toys also prepare a version of vibrating Ben Waa balls that can be remotely operated by remote control! Lovers can then start to excite their partner before even arriving at his side …

In addition, Ben Waa balls can be used for exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. This will allow women to feel more powerful orgasms and men to have the pleasure of feeling the vagina of their partner tighten on their sex contractions controlled better during penetration. Everyone has to win!

Women can exercise with a single ball and try to get up and down inside the vagina. It’s not necessarily obvious at first, but everything is a matter of training! And then, it can also be a good way to get to know your body and possibly locate your G spot. Ben Waa balls are highly recommended for women who want to remodel their pelvic floor after childbirth or in case of incontinence and all the others who want to take maximum pleasure.

Small precautions for use with Ben Waa balls

First, the maintenance of the Ben Waa balls is really not complicated, but still thinks to wash them with soapy water after each use.Then, when you wear them during the day, do not forget to wear panties, especially for hygiene reasons (you risk being heavily lubricated). And know that it can happen, when you are too lubricated or that the muscles of your vagina are not trained enough, that the balls stand out alone. Better to wear panties!

Also avoid wearing Ben Waa balls too long afterwards or too often. By force, you could end up being irritated inside. You can also wear them for all kinds of activities, but do not wear them to play sports anyway.Finally, think that Ben Waa balls can sometimes be noisy (more or less depending on the model), so save yourself too embarrassing situations when you wear them in public. Test first at home, it’s always better!

Aside from these small restrictions, indulge yourself, buy Ben Waa balls! It’s a great little thing; you’re likely to get attached to it. Ben Waa balls are two balls whose weight and size can vary (3.5 to 5 cm). Linked together by a string, they fit entirely into the vagina. Practical, useful and discreet for toning the pelvic floor muscles, they are essential allies of well-being for women. The beneficial effects of these sextoys are multiple for strengthening the perineum after delivery or for sensations in sex. They make it possible to tone the pelvic floor, to increase the sensations, to increase the natural lubrication of the vagina, to prevent the risks of incontinence and prolapsed.

Before using them, one must first study their coating, because there are different types, those that are smooth glass, metal, with reliefs or silicone. The silicone gadgets are intended for novices because this material is slightly malleable and pleasant for the mucous membranes.

Choose the Balls of Ben Waa According to their Size and Weight

Women whose perineum is distended after one or more deliveries or menopause must use a standard diameter ball, about 35 mm and low weight, between 24 and 30 g, to re-muster it. Those who suffer from regular urinary leakage when they sneeze or cough must do the same. Rehabilitation will continue with a slightly heavier accessory, between 48 and 100 g, and so on. Turn to the boxes for a long-term and effective training. The sextoys of 40 to 85 g are adapted to the mothers who wish to maintain their perineum or which have small leaks or perinea heaviness.

Women under 30 or who have never had children or who have a narrow pelvis should opt for smaller smartballs, 30 mm in diameter. However they must, according to their needs, start with a single ball of a low weight then evolve slowly towards a heavier weight.

Those who do not have perinea dysfunctions but who wish to tone their pelvic floor can start bodybuilding with 1 or 2 balls of at least 50 g. They can use that 85 to 136 g in order to improve the quality of sexual intercourse.