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Leveraging The Power Of Your Vagina Through Kegel Exercise

Reducing the tone of intimate muscles can be a serious problem, both for relationships and the health of a woman and over time lead to serious problems. Do kegel exercises tighten your vagina? Let’s check the possibilities.

Loss of intimate muscle tone is a serious and fairly common problem. This phenomenon not only reduces the quality of life, but also negatively affects women’s health. Kegel exercises for women help to correct the situation. At home, they are not difficult to perform; besides, classes do not take much time.

Why do we need exercises?

With a decrease in the muscle tone of the perineum, the uterus descends, which in itself is a big problem. Over time, weak muscles can cause urinary incontinence. Do not forget about the effect of intimate muscles on the quality of sexual relations.

Especially brightly the problem makes itself felt after childbirth. In difficult cases, even have to resort to surgery. Simple but very effective exercises to solve the problem are developed by Arnold Kegel. They are firmly established in the practice of treating gynecological diseases.

How to do Kegel exercises

Learning to feel the muscles that will work – this is the initial task. To do this, visit the toilet and try to interrupt the process of urination. You must feel the tension of the right muscle group. After a while, try to strain and relax them without going to the toilet. Do not strain other muscles. Breathe freely and measuredly.

Kegel exercises women can perform in a comfortable home environment. It is better to start classes in the prone position (on the side, on the back) – this option is considered the easiest, therefore it is ideal for beginners when the muscles get a little stronger, change the position of the body.

Before starting workout, be sure to empty your bladder. In order to properly work out the muscles and quickly strengthened, follow 3-5 approaches. Exercise 2-3 times a day (at least at the initial stage, with the time will be enough and the 1st time). The optimal number of repetitions is at least 10. The time, during which you will keep the tension, increase gradually start with a few seconds.

If during the exercise you need to sneeze or cough, then try to control the tension of intimate muscles do not relax until the reflex movement stops.

Exercise options

The first option we have already considered. 3-5 seconds hold muscle tension, relax for the same period of time and repeat. Perform the same exercise, but at a fast pace strain and relax your muscles every second. Try to do this before you feel very tired when the muscles are hard to strain. Complicate the task – strain your muscles not immediately, but gradually, as if taking the elevator. Then also gradually relax them.

Reduce the muscles as if you want to push something down (this exercise can be performed with a special Kegel trainer). Hold voltage for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the previous exercise, but now do not push it out, but on the contrary, direct the movement upwards (keep the tension as in the previous exercises).

Body positions

Once in the prone position it became too easy to perform the exercises, change the position of the body.

Stand straight, place the feet on the same line (the distance is approximately equal to the width of the shoulders), spread the toes to the sides (for stability). Without holding your breath, strain your intimate muscles.

Change the position of the body – bend your knees slightly, bend your back straight slightly forward, and with your palms lean on the hips. Repeat muscle tension.

Lay the mat. First, kneel down and palms rest against the floor. Then lower the pelvis to the feet (knees slightly apart). At the same time, place your forearms on the floor, spread your elbows to the sides, and lower your head on the hands that are locked in the lock. Tighten the muscles as in the previous exercise.

Leave your hands in the same position, straighten one leg, and bend the other (point the knee to the side), press the stomach to the floor. Having settled comfortably, alternately strain your muscles and relax.

Roll onto your back and take a comfortable position, bending your knees and putting your feet on the floor. In order to fully control the correctness of the exercise, put one hand on the stomach and the other – under the buttocks. Work out the muscles.

Sit with your knees apart and your ankles crossed simplified version of the lotus position. Control the position of the back and do not hold your breath.

Exercises in various conditions of the female body

The exercises described above can be performed in different states of the female body. In the presence of diseases of the sexual sphere, it is recommended to obtain a doctor’s permission although the exercises are absolutely safe, the opinion of a specialist is crucial.

Exercises for uterus prolapsed

Uterus prolapse may be observed after childbirth. This problem is also a consequence of age-related changes or diseases. Exercise strengthens muscles, which allows solving the problem without surgery.

Exercises for Uterus Removal

During the operation, a significant amount of tissue is removed, and the muscles are partially excised. To relieve the postoperative period, to avoid problems such as lowering the anterior wall of the vagina, constipate urinary incontinence will allow Kegel exercises.

Incontinence and cystitis exercises

Kegel exercises are a non-pharmacist method of treating cystitis and urinary incontinence. Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor allows you to regain control of the function of the bladder.

Exercises during pregnancy

When a child is born, certain changes occur – the growing uterus makes adjustments, the pelvic floor muscles lose their tone. Regular exercise will strengthen them, prepare the body for childbirth, and help to recover quickly in the postpartum period.

Can I do Kegel exercises for women at home? Doctors give a positive answer – training the muscles has a beneficial effect on the state of the female body.

Kegel exercises were originally aimed at restoring the female body after childbirth. The regular work of the pelvic floor muscles is able to normalize the work of the female organs and restore the urethra. Further studies have shown that these exercises help not only the weaker sex, but also the strong.

Both partners have pubic-coccygeal muscles. With age, stress and not the right rhythm of life, they weaken and lose their elasticity. Kegel exercises help to tone the pelvic floor muscles and restore elasticity. You can also do kegel exercise using Yoni Eggs which you can find at YoniEggsCo.

Kegel exercises

PC pubic muscles support the pelvis. These muscles are often called “muscles of love.” They are responsible for the sexual life of both partners. To understand how they work, you can try to hold for a few seconds when urinating, and then strengthen the jet. How easy it will be to complete this test task, it will be possible to say what state the muscles are now.

Regular kegel exercises help:

  • Restore the urethra;
  • During the prevention of diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • In preparation for the upcoming delivery;
  • In postpartum restoration of PC pubic muscles;
  • In the treatment and restoration of the pelvic organs;
  • Increase natural sexual desire;
  • Strengthen orgasm;
  • Improve erection;
  • Restore the work of the prostate gland.

Kegel exercises for women

Women should take these types of exercises with particular seriousness. Pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period greatly affects the body of a woman. Kegel exercises are aimed at returning the tone of the pelvic floor muscles and all organs.