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Sensual Yoga Is The New Orgasmic Trend You Need To Try

This sexologist is closing the Orgasm Gap one downward dog at a time.

The quest for better sex has taken women to some pretty odd places. We’ve done cleanses, eaten certain foods, listened to audio porn – hell, we’ve even held in our pee. But the latest step in the orgasm odyssey actually sounds kind of… lovely?

Sensual Yoga is the newest tactic, and it’s all about creating a buzz through your body and finding yourself in the process.

In order to find out a little more about sensual yoga, we spoke to Vanessa Muradian. Vanessa is a sexologist and founder of Mia Muse – a sex and wellness business with a female focus. She’s all about encouraging women to find and embrace their sexuality through workshops, yoga sessions, coaching, and sex toys.

Ahead of her talks at this weekend’s Super Bloom Festival in Melbourne, we spoke to Vanessa about better orgasms, sensual yoga, and the wonderful world of sexology.

Tell me a little bit about how you got into being a sexologist?

Since a young age I felt drawn to providing a space for women where we could celebrate ourselves. A lot of the conversations I was having with my friends were about sex and/or trauma they had experienced: the common thread was the lack of feeling comfortable enough to talk about these experiences. I was comfortable having those awkward conversations and collectively I wanted us to heal, so as a result Mia Muse was born. A place for women to connect intimately with themselves, through sex toys, workshops and sensual yoga.

What is Sensual Yoga?

A lot of the yoga we do in the west is “power yoga”, a yang-style of asana – very strong and linear, sensual yoga is the opposite of this. It encourages intuitive movement and sound, and a time to reflect or notice what these movements create in your body – what sensations you notice, what stagnant parts of the body we can open and create flow. Sensual yoga provides a space for women to explore with full permission and curiosity. Everything someone learns in a sensual yoga class can be directly applied to their sex lives; many women hold back on sound and movement that naturally want to make during sex out of fear of judgement, the reflection time during sensual yoga allows the participant to gain more body awareness and connect to sensation in the body – which of course is one of the main techniques I teach women to use during sex if they are caught up in their head.

Sensual yoga doesn’t feel too racy, I encourage women to wear clothing they feel sensual in and can move accordingly. We use low lights and music! And the rest I’ll leave up to the imagination, but don’t worry, there’s nothing too scary about it.

We HAVE to know about the orgasm room! Tell us more!

The Orgasm Room is the pleasure epicentre of Super Bloom; housed in a stunning industrial room in Abbotsford Convent, the space has a gritty and raw beauty that makes it the perfect setting to delve into the ultimate intimate experience. I will be bringing a taste of Mia Muse to the Festival, with a curated selection of sex toys that I will be explaining and demystifying for visitors. At the start and end of each day, I will present Objects of Pleasure, a talk where I guide people through the use of each item (which are also available for purchase if you are feeling inspired).

The incredibly talented artist Stephanie Rose Freeman will be in a separate, privately partitioned section of the room. Freeman is renowned for her paintings of ‘yonis’, and will be creating an erotically charged area with live nude models posing . There will be spaces for visitors to take a spot at an easel and try their hand at capturing the naked forms under Freeman’s tutelage.

There are so many opportunities to be fully immersed in the Orgasm Room and really reconnect with your sensual side. Dr Nikki Goldstein will be presenting Sex Ed for Adults #101, an absolutely no holds barred, candid chat where she will answer everyone’s vexing sex questions in an accessible and welcoming forum. Heal’r will be helping visitors strike a balance between Yin and Yang with an aim to holistically improve nutritional, personal and sex lives. Talented yogi Uma Spender will be helping to restore hormone balance with a special series yoga routines, while Infinity Therapies will be helping guests “strip” themselves of insecurities and access their own sense of sensuality through Qoya dance and yoga movements.

What’s the one thing holding us back from having better sex as women?

Permission from ourselves, to pursue and nurture our desires, to make sound and movements that feel completely natural and authentic. To communicate what we like or what we don’t like in the moment. And the belief that we deserve to feel and explore our pleasure.

Is there a trick you wish everyone knew to be having better orgasms?

Don’t be concerned about the orgasm and just explore the journey, it should all be enjoyable, orgasm is of course is full of benefits but so is erotic and sensual play. My second trick would be that sensuality is available to you in many activities or pursuits; for example, spending time in nature can be sensual, dancing is sensual, swimming can be sensual, once you start to invite sensuality into your life, you start to believe and feel that you are a sensual being and this can be harnessed in your sex life too.

How can accessing our sensuality help in other areas of our lives?

When we feel sensual, we feel more present and vital. When we feel more vital and present we have more energy for the rest of lives, our overall wellbeing is increased and self-confidence can soar too.