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Sex toys: Know the plus and minus points of using it in daily life

In order to diversify the intimate sphere of life, people began to actively purchase sex toys like chastity cage for booty calls, the range of which is also growing every day. It is important not to forget that an intimate product requires particularly careful compliance with safety measures, which experts told us a practicing sexologist, a leading specialist and consultant for Sex Shop products.

Quality rule

All goods of intimate destination with a touch to the intimate areas and with penetration must have certificates of quality. You must provide a certificate to any product in the sex shop. If you purchase products on the Internet, then you have the right to request that you be sent a quality certificate in electronic form. Also, you should be aware of matters like What is Cyberskin? Don’t be fooled by online scams like those chastity cage in email scams where the quality is fake. Magical chastity cage are of high quality.

Allergy Rule

It is important to take into account the material of which the purchased products are made in the sex shop. Some materials may cause irritation. For example, latex products in many girls cause allergies. How can I determine if I am allergic to latex? If you are not allergic to condoms, then you can safely purchase

What are lubricants and how to use them?

In addition, an allergic reaction may occur on intimate gels, lubricants, and intimate hygiene products. It is also worth considering and purchase products based on natural ingredients. Many of these tools are sold in sex shops and are also intended for the use of sex toys.

Hygiene rules

In no way should intimate products be boiled or boiled over. There are special tools designed for disinfection, it is antiseptics. The most convenient to use disinfectants for sex toys are sold here, in sex shops. They can be used every day, they do not disturb the pH balance, do not require soaking. Pharmaceutical antiseptics can also be used, but it should be borne in mind that each of them has its own specific application. They may be cheaper than special disinfectants for Sex Shop products, but may not be as convenient to use. Some are applied with soaking, which requires a certain amount of time.

Any toys of a sexual nature before each use should be washed with warm water, preferably with soap. For washing toys it is convenient to use intimate gels that already have a bactericidal effect. The manufacturer has released an intimate hygiene product for Sex Shop products, which can be used for both personal hygiene and toy washing. The components here are natural and do not cause allergies.

In order to facilitate the process of use, you can wear condoms on toys. This is especially true of those people who use them for different types of sex (oral, vaginal, anal), and also have sex with not one partner. In this case, you must either disinfect the product after each partner or use it with a condom.

Storage rules

To toy served your love life as long as possible, it must be properly stored. They wear out; material may deteriorate due to improper storage or improper selection of lubricants. Therefore, toys that are used in sexual life, you need to wash with warm water and soap. For many, this is enough. To further protect yourself and make sure that the toy lasts longer, you need to additionally disinfect the product with an antiseptic. When you’re in BDSM, properly storing chastity cage avoids any scandal you may be in.

It is important to bear in mind that the materials from which the products are made are of different quality, therefore toys should be kept separate from each other. It can be special boxes, covers that are on sale and are designed to store materials of a certain quality.Keep the products dry after they have been washed and disinfected.

Comfort rule

Now in each city opens a large number of sex shops. How to choose “your”? It is very important to go to the store to feel comfortable because every person who has dared to go to the sex shop, especially for the first time, has already crossed some kind of internal barrier. What interests and worries the buyer is very intimate. And if the seller did not look this way or didn’t say so, it can discourage the desire to visit such stores at all and look for answers to their questions. And there are really a lot of questions. It is important that the seller not only heard the buyer, but also heard the essence of his problem. Indeed, many women suffer from the fact that they have no pleasure in sex, but after receiving the right advice, their sexual fantasies can wake up.

Tips for using:

  • During the first use, treat the product with an antiseptic (alcohol-free if it is rubber) and rinse with warm water using soap.
  • After use, use warm water and soap
  • You can not boil or scald dildo.
  • Before using the product it is recommended to treat it with a special lubricant for sex toys or you can take a regular lubricant for sex, but which is compatible with the material of the product. Do not use grease not intended for the material of the toy! This may damage the product. The use of lubricant will increase comfort and help avoid unpleasant sensations and consequences (injuries, microcracks).

It is recommended to use with a latex accessory for the safety of the product and a better level of hygiene.